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US Needs a President Who Understands We Live in a Multifaceted, Multipolar World: Sociologist

The US Congress building at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.InternationalIndiaAfricaDenis BolotskyIn an interview with Sputnik on the sidelines of the XV Verona Eurasian Economic Forum, Francesco Sidoti, an Italian sociologist and criminologist, professor emeritus at the Universita degli Studi dell’Aquila, expressed his opinion on the issues of Russia-EU relations, the US elections and Italy’s ties with Russia and Eurasia.Sputnik: What are your impressions from the XV Verona Forum and what is your mission here today?Francesco Sidoti: A very good impression. And the place is very good and the meaning is clear. A point where you can search peace, discussion, soul, ideas, cooperation to bring people together from many parts of the world in a place, which has a great historical heritage in that direction… Confrontation, peace, exchange, growth. Economic in the soul, in the feelings.Sputnik: The entrepreneurs, businessmen, oil experts and other experts are meeting with Russian and with Asian colleagues here. Does it mean that Italy is not breaking ties with Russia and with other players here in Eurasia?Francesco Sidoti: No. Italy is the first country, I suppose, the first Western country in Azerbaijan with a long history of cooperation. Italians have openness in their chromosome, in their genes. Amerigo Vespucci, Christopher Columbus, Ricci, Marco Polo. They were true Italians. I am Sicilian. Archimedes, Pythagoras, geometry, mathematics, logics. This is our true good heritage. We have also other things, but these are the good things. And with those good things we are here.RussiaWest Waging Total War Against Russian World Using Russophobia and Cancel Culture, Lavrov Says27 May 2022, 10:44 GMTSputnik: It seems that Russia and the EU are parting ways or breaking apart in many areas, possibly in the area of criminology and investigations as well, which is your area of expertise. What kind of impact would it have on fighting global crime, organized crime? Would it be hard to rebuild trust between law enforcement agencies from Russia and from Italy, from Europe, after the sanctions are lifted?Francesco Sidoti: Now the situation is horrible. It is a very bad situation. I have never seen in my life [so much] hate. Day after day, every day, I could say every hour in the media. But I hope that this will be for a short time, and only the surface of the waves of history. It could be easily to rebuild peace, cooperation, understanding. If you wanted to do that, it is not very difficult, I believe in that. I believe in the necessity. You have no choice. We must cooperate. I take seriously the Western tradition: Bertrand Russell, Einstein. 70 years ago, this big! Not me or scholar, but this – Bertrand Russell, Einstein – they said we must cooperate. And I am a follower of this great Western tradition: cooperation and understanding. Not aggression, not hate, not labelling nations and people.Sputnik: Maybe an unexpected question. It’s about what’s happening in the United States right now with Donald Trump and with January 6 Committee. Are you following the hearings? We see that top figures such as former US President Trump, they are being part of the inquiry. What are your impressions from the trial and what will be the outcome in your opinion of these hearings?Francesco Sidoti: The kind of president [that] I would [like to] see in the United States – he is not Mr. Trump. For many reasons, I would prefer a person [who is] absolutely clear, transparent, a good person, not involved within business and so on. But I understand at the same time that Mr. Trump ten years ago was clean. That was a typical success history. So why now he is demonized? Why is he an evil person? This is a problem. In order to understand the nature of the American society, of the American ruling class and so on. As a simple citizen in the world, I must hope that the Americans will choose a good person, a person interested in friendship, a person who understands the best of Western heritage, a person who understands that we live in a multi-faceted, multipolar world. We must cooperate. This is a very difficult moment in the United States.The next elections, being now in November, are very important. Because if in the House [of Representatives] the majority changes, it could change many things. So, we must pray and hope that in the US [there will come] good people, people interested in peace, people interested in good feelings. I’m not an American citizen. I can’t say to the Americans what to do.WorldConstruction of Multipolar World Cannot Be Stopped, Iranian President Says25 October 2022, 08:02 GMTSputnik: But for you as European will it play a role who is being elected there? Would Italy be affected?Francesco Sidoti: Absolutely. Italy is a piece of the system. And Italy will be affected. Absolutely. Yes.Sputnik: Which American party will be better for the Italians?Francesco Sidoti: People [are] interested in peace. A good person [that understands] that it’s not time to lose an enormous amount of money in destruction, hate, war, and so on. We have important problems: COVID, the pandemic. The lesson of the pandemic was that we must cooperate. We are in the same world but now the reality is the contrary. We are interested in people with clear idea. Clear, good idea, transparent, normal. As the larger part of the people who will see this interview, the people who are here, normal people in the street – they love the peace. They love the cooperation. War sometime is a necessity. But you must avoid dangerous, destructive, useless fraternal war.


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