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Sending NATO Troops to Ukraine Could Have World-Ending Consequences, US Politician Warns

 / Go to the mediabankUS-Ukrainian drill wraps up in Ukraine / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned on Friday that Western leaders appear “very close to suggesting in all seriousness” that NATO troops be sent to Ukraine. Orban’s comments come amid growing concerns in Washington that the alliance’s Ukrainian client state is losing in the proxy conflict against Russia.Any Western officials seriously considering deploying NATO military personnel to Ukraine should rethink the “insane” idea before plunging the planet into a nuclear war, Kentucky progressive Democrat Geoffrey M Young has urged.“These ‘Western countries’ better think again about doing anything like that. Then they’d better think again and again. It’s insane. It could lead to the destruction by Russia of any country that sends troops; or it could lead to a nuclear war that could kill everyone on earth,” Young, a candidate in the Democratic primaries in the upcoming Kentucky gubernatorial race, tweeted in response to a tweet addressing Orban’s warning.Young, 66, a self-described “Peace Democrat,” has been one of the few politicians in the contemporary Democratic Party to criticize the US and NATO’s continued sponsorship of the conflict in Ukraine, has criticized the US occupation of Syria, and has demanded Secretary of State Lloyd Austin’s resignation for his recent threats against Iran.The politician ran as the Democratic Party’s candidate for a seat in the House of Representatives in the November 2022 midterms, but was defeated by incumbent Republican Andy Barr. Since then, he has repeatedly attacked Barr for voting to send weapons to “NAZIS” in Ukraine “for the last 9 years.”WorldUS Lawmaker: Washington Wants Russia to Lose in Ukraine But Not ‘Too Badly’03:09 GMTEarlier this year, Young said President Joe Biden deserves to be “impeached immediately for war crimes in Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc.” and “for continuing the illegal proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.” In the 2022 midterms, his platform focused on slashing the US’s military budget, abolishing the CIA and taking big money out of politics by publicly financing elections.The politician has been attacked as a “Putin apologist” online, and largely ignored or smeared by the Democratic Party machine and by the legacy media.Kentucky Democrats and Republicans will go to the polls for primaries in the gubernatorial race on May 16, with the winners facing off in the general election on November 7. Republican incumbent Governor Andy Beshear holds a 61 percent approval rating, and is currently projected to easily win the November vote in the traditionally Red-leaning state. However, Young may be counting on his anti-war, anti-interventionism message resonating with and attracting voters from both parties.US officials and media have expressed growing concern over the state of the Ukrainian crisis in recent weeks, with former ambassador to Russia and color revolutions expert Michael McFaul warning on Thursday that he was growing increasingly “nervous” about the Ukrainians’ ability to “hold on” militarily and keep the US “engaged in the long haul” diplomatically. McFaul warned that Washington’s reputation among allies and neutral countries would be shattered if Kiev lost, and urged the US and its allies to send Ukraine all the weapons it has requested, from long-range missiles to fighter jets and Reaper drones, and to ignore Moscow’s warnings that this could escalate the current crisis into a global war.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineMichael McFaul ‘Nervous’ About Ukraine’s Ability to ‘Hold on, Keep US Engaged’ Against RussiaYesterday, 16:11 GMT


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