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Russian MoD Releases Footage of British Stormer HVM Air Defense System Destruction

In this handout photo taken from video released by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022, Russian paratroopers are seen on a mission on the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog direction in Ukraine.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe Stormer HVM (High-Velocity Missile) is a short-range air defense system. It can be used as for air defense with semi-automatic laser guidance. It is essentially “invisible” to on-board radar sensors mounted on enemy aircraft and helicopters, since there is no radar station on this air defense system.On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry released footage of a British Stormer HVM air defense system which had been supplied to Kiev being destroyed. The video includes footage from a UAV of an enemy combat vehicle, footage from a loitering munition guidance camera and the destruction of the Stormer HVM air defense system.The ministry specified that the enemy combat vehicle was detected by a UAV in the Donetsk direction. After detection, the vehicle was destroyed with high-precision loitering ammunition. The hit was monitored from a UAV.


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