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Nigerian Activist Accuses Macron of ‘Changing His Tune’ on Africa

Nigerien activist and coordinator of ‘Tournons la page Niger’ Maikoul Zodi poses during a photo session in Paris on June 15, 2022InternationalIndiaAfrica”Emmanuel Macron has no respect for Africans and even for Africa,” Nigerien activist Maïkoul Zodi told Sputnik in response to the French president’s speech ahead of his Africa tour. According to him, the best thing vacron could do would be to withdraw from Africa and let Africans decide their own destiny.The “new vision” of Africa presented with “deep humility” by Emmanuel Macron on Monday on the eve of his African tour did not convince Maikoul Zodi, a Nigerien activist and local coordinator of the Tournons La Page (French for “Let Us Turn the Page”) movement.According to him, Emmanuel Macron “tries to change his tune every time”.However, the speech left him with the impression that the struggle “against French imperialism in Africa is bearing fruit”.

"Only by withdrawing completely from Africa and leaving it to Africans to decide the fate of their countries can the French president convince us," the activist notes.

The activist believes that Emmanuel Macron’s determination to rearrange French bases in Africa is “an insult to our intelligence” because the change in the form of the French presence on the continent “shows that the French authorities, through Emmanuel Macron, recognize their military and diplomatic defeat”.AfricaNew French Policy in Africa: Paris Can’t Fully Break From Past ‘Rooted in Colonialism’ – Experts28 February, 15:35 GMTDisrespect for Africans and AfricaCommenting on the French leader’s attempts to blame Russia for the failures in Mali, Burkina Faso or the Central African Republic, Maïkoul Zodi argues that Africans can “think for themselves in order to find appropriate solutions to the many challenges they face”.However, “Emmanuel Macron has no respect for Africans and even for Africa” because he does not talk about Africa in Africa.“The French president simply wants to say that his presence in Africa is motivated by the defense of French interests. Interests that he disguises under the banner of assistance to African countries,” he summarized the content of Emmanuel Macron’s speech.Four Countries in the ProgramOn Wednesday, March 1, the French President began his tour of four Central African countries: Gabon, Angola, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Libreville, he will participate in a summit on the conservation of the rainforests of the Congo Basin.In July, he visited Cameroon, Benin and Guinea-Bissau. He plans to travel to Africa every six months.


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