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Canadian Communists Ask Ottawa to Withdraw from NATO, Reduce Military Spending

Canada’s volunteers in Ukraine already have their own patchInternationalIndiaAfricaWASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The leader of the Communist Party of Canada Elizabeth Rawley called on the Federal Government to reduce its military spending by 75%, withdraw from NATO, and achieve a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Ukraine.”We call on the government and on parliament to act now … cut the military budget by 75%, withdraw from NATO and call for a peaceful political settlement to the war in Ukraine,” Rawley said during a press conference from Parliament Hill.The Communist Party of Canada held a presser in response to a meeting on Thursday of a parliamentary subcommittee with CEOs from three major Canadian grocery chains, questioned over the “skyrocketing” prices of food.Rawley also criticized major companies for making major financial gains in times of crisis, and the government for not protecting consumers.EconomySweden Sees Record-Breaking Spike in Food Prices in February9 March, 08:26 GMTOther calls included asking for a freeze of food, fuel and rent prices as well as interest rates. She also asked for Ottawa to rise wages and pensions, and enact a guaranteed livable income.Created in 1921, the Communist Party of Canada is the second oldest active and recognized political organisation in the country. It does not currently hold any parliamentary representation.


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